Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Run!!

Today the kids ended Spirit Week at school with a fun run. This year we used a company called Boosterthon and I think the PTA ladies chose this group because of the young cute guys who run the program. The kids were brainwashed all week about getting pledges, but they were also learning about good character traits. Both kids did great, especially for the weather being 105! October is still considered Fall isn't it...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another project complete!

I have had this idea of making blankets (I would say quilts, but I did not want to learn or try that yet) out of squares of the kids clothes that I could not part with due to memories and such. I started cutting the squares out when we were in CA, probably 2007?? I finally got them out, finished cutting the rest and whipped them out in four days!! Well, two days for one and a week later for two days because I needed to get the sewing machine out of the family room. They are not quite what I pictured, however, I like them and I can remember every outfit that I used and how old the kids were when the wore them. I sure hope they want to have them when they get older!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Small Pox???

No we do not have small pox in the house, but guess how surprised I was to hear that Nathan has a version of it!

Back story...for a few months now Nathan has had couple of bumps on the inside of his right arm, just below the elbow. I did not think too much of it since he did not complain about them. Then I notices a couple weeks ago that they had multiplied...again, did not worry since they did not seem to bother him but I thought I would bring it up at the next well-kid visit (in February). This Saturday I noticed one was inflamed. Over the weekend I had to puncture it and lots of white yuck (technical term) came out and I thought it might be a good idea to see the doctor. So this morning I called and we went in after school.

He was diagnosed with

Molluscum Contagiosum

Yes...see that last word....contagious!! It is a viral infection. If you google it you will find that each bump can last 6-9 months and is very contagious and can keep spreading making it years before it goes away. It is especially dangerous to immune challenged people. So we have a cream for the one that is infected and the doctor told me to "pop" the others and it will go away faster...this should be fun.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wow...forgot I had a blog!

Geez, I can't believe it has been so long since I updated this, guess I am just not a journaling type person. Since the last post of the trees falling, we have been to California and started school.

The trip to CA was wonderful, the longest trip I have ever taken at 3 weeks and 4 days. The trip home was terrible. What should have been a 7 hour travel time, turned into over 20 hours. Our plane had mechanical problems in Denver. We were set to leave at 7pm...the mechanics worked until 10pm...we loaded the plane, pulled back and sat....pulled back in, unloaded at finally at midnight they cancelled the flight. By that time Nathan was passed out and Andrew and I were just exhausted. Had to get out of the airport, find the hotel shuttle (ended up taking a ride from another hotel shuttle guy which was not one of by best mothering choices as he was off duty and it was close to 1 in the morning, something bad could have really happened), all three of us were in one bed, make it back to the airport, get new seats on the same broken plane....whew we finally made it back to Orlando.

Then finally school started. Andrew LOVES second grade and his teacher...Nathan tolerates Kindergarten, I think it has been a bit too much review of pre-school so hopefully they step it up soon.

TODAY...we had baseball skills assessment (a nice way of putting try-outs) which I still can not watch, makes me way too nervous. Then Andrew and I sat outside the Publix grocery store for 3 hours selling Cub Scout popcorn. After dinner we decided the kids need to get out some energy. So off on the bikes we went to the park. Nathan threw a fit that his training wheels were too high and then Andrew fell flat on his back off the thing you hold onto and slide...scared the you know what out of us as his eyes rolled back in his head, he went white as a sheet and knocked the breath out of himself...this day is DONE!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Falling Trees

We finally decided that the king palms needed to come down. Brent was about ready to purchase a 40 foot ladder to trim the dead fronds, however, I think he finally came to his senses (or decided it might be a good idea to live awhile longer) and agreed to have them taken down. Here is the tree falling and I will soon post the new trees that went into their place.